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Desert Lotus Healing Arts

Massage Therapy and Rolfing

Skilled, compassionate touch for the Big Bend

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Desert Lotus Healing Arts

Massage Therapy and Rolfing

You have arrived. The magical Big Bend of west Texas; the desert, wide open skies and big serene vistas. At Desert Lotus Healing Arts, we bring the peace and healing of the desert inside. Our Massage Therapy and Rolfing services are customized to address the needs and desires of each individual client and provided with compassion, skill and professionalism.

Whether you want to settle into your vacation and get the city massaged right out of your shoulders or you've discovered muscles you forgot you had hiking, biking or river running... we have a treatment for you. 


Structural Integration for Freedom and Ease

Rolfing is a type of bodywork that focuses on rediscovering, attaining and maintaining the body's structural balance, integrity and longevity. Just as a structurally sound building has great strength and integrity in its construction, the body works best when all the bones, fascia, muscles and tendons are in the most correct position. Rolfing has been perfected into "the 10 Series", a 10 session program that addresses the entire structure. Single sessions and 3 series available for those new to the work. Tune-up sessions are also available for those who have completed the 10 series.

Rolfing Session

$140 / 90 minutes

Massage Therapy and Body Treatments

 60 / 90 Minute Sessions

Integrated Custom Massage

This is the massage for every body. In our experience the most effective and enjoyable massage is one that combines deep listening to what your body has to say with attention to your goals and preferences for the session. We enjoy bringing our full skill set to the table and creating a session that is as unique as you are.


These are some of the tools in our collective toolbox that we can incorporate into your treatment:

Swedish Massage is a technique that is great for relaxing the body and  mind and is also a potent immune system booster that lowers cortisol and blood pressure, and can aid in recovery from injury.

Deep Tissue Massage is wonderful for addressing specific painful, stiff "trouble spots" in your body. This massage technique uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. These techniques are very therapeutic  and can help relieve chronic patterns of pain and discomfort. 

Myofascial Release techniques are used to address the body's connective tissue and allow for greater freedom of movement and the release of patterns of holding tension.

Jin Shin Do is a type of acupressure that addresses energy patterns and flow within the physical body. It is a deeply relaxing and often transformative type of work that utilizes the same meridians and points used in acupuncture but with compassionate touch instead of needles.

Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils to enhance relaxation and feelings of well-being.


*add hot stones +$20  /  add CBD massage oil +$15  /  add Chapparal infused massage oil +$15

add Dry-Brushing  +$15

Couples Massage

One of our most popular offerings, we are a massaging couple who enjoy massaging couples! Each massage is customized to meet the individual's needs. These treatments are usually done in a larger shared space, but we can also separate treatments for a couple of friends, a couple of family members or just a couple who have had enough time in close quarters for one vacation.

$190/ $280  

* add-ons available and priced per person as listed above 

The Honeymooner

Celebrating something special with someone special? Relax together and unwind with this combination treatment. Make a toast with a glass of bubbles (sparkling wine or cider) while enjoying a soothing mineral infused foot-soak and scrub together. Then one of you relaxes with a 60 minute custom massage while the other enjoys a  60 minute hydrating facial treatment. Compare notes and hydrate together for a few minutes and then switch. 

2 1/2 Hours or so / $480

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a magical time of growth and change. Prenatal massage can help you relax into and enjoy these changes by reducing stress, decreasing arm and leg swelling, and relieving muscle and joint pain. Pillows are used to help you achieve a comfortable side-lying position that is safe and relaxing, allowing your body to be massaged and nurtured. *Available to guests in the second and third trimester.

60 Minutes / $105

Hot Stone Massage
This massage technique involves using heated volcanic stones, many of ours have been gathered from local arroyos and dry creek beds, to warm and relax and effectively "melt" the tension from the body. The stones are used as massage tools as well as placed on specific areas of the body and allowed to do their work. The tradition of hot stone massage holds that the stones bring a wisdom all their own to the treatment and that has certainly been our experience. T
his treatment is definitely a client favorite.

90 Minutes / $190

Desert Monsoon Body Treatment

The desert loves a good rain and your body will love this hydrating treat. We begin with a dry-brushing, an ancient technique that gently exfoliates, stimulates the immune system and moves the lymph, then a silky local chapparal infused oil is massaged into the skin. Finally, you are blanket wrapped and allowed to steep in relaxation and hydration. Facial and scalp massage combined with aromatherapy complete this treatment- and the brush is your to keep!

90 Minutes / $180

Desert Sunrise Hydrating Facial

This skintastic experience will leave you glowing like the desert at sunrise. We start off with a thorough cleansing, followed by a gentle enzyme mask applied with steam, then a luxurious aromatic facial oil massage is followed by a deeply hydrating second mask sure to leave you feeling as fresh as a new day. A hydrating hand and foot treatment  is included with this service.

60 Minutes/ $105


We love our wonderful visitors and our incredible neighbors too!

Please contact us for more information / Text for quickest response! 432-386-0305

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