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Our Mission

We are passionate about bodywork and passionate about the healing energy of our desert home.

The Big Bend country of west Texas contains quiet expanses of breathtaking beauty and endless adventure it is our greatest joy to help you connect with the quiet and beautiful expanses inside you; free from pain and restriction, joyful and alive in your body.

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Certified Rolfer, LMT, NCMTB, Board Certified Structural Integrator

Bob Sutherland

When I first arrived in the Big Bend, I felt the power of this beautiful place and knew I would call it home. Shortly after moving here I began my bodywork journey with an intensive basic massage training at the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, Colorado. 

After graduation, I pursued advanced studies in several areas of bodywork, finding myself drawn to deeper work that addresses the restructuring and reorganization of the muscles and skeletal system through myofascial release.

After experiencing the Rolfing "10 Series" myself and discovering the profound changes it can create in the physical as well as the emotional and psychological bodies, I decided to pursue certification through the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. 

I am grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom I've been exposed to in the field of bodywork and I am beyond grateful to be able to do work I love in a place I love as well. My greatest fulfillment comes from working with clients, using massage and structural integration to help them achieve their goals of freedom from pain, increased mobility, enhanced performance and the joy that comes from feeling truly at home in a balanced body. 

I am the primary practitioner at Desert Lotus Healing Arts and I look forward to working with you.

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Ceil Drucker

I fell in love with this desert the first time I ever found myself here, under the glittering Terlingua sky at night. I have always thought of life as a journey, but over time I discovered no matter where I roamed the Big Bend country always called me home.


I completed my initial massage training at the amazing Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, Colorado in 2004. It was a rigorous and multi-disciplinary training rooted in the idea of being fully present with the work at hand, recognizing that all things are connected and being open to work on many levels at once, with compassion and skill.

As a dedicated student of yoga, I connected with the Seven Centers Yoga Arts school in Sedona, Arizona and was fortunate to complete my 200 hour RYT teacher training there in 2007. 

I am fascinated by embodiment and the connection between the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I am grateful that the work I do can not only relieve tension and create freedom from pain, but can help people feel more at home in their bodies, leading to both a greater sense of physical ease and a greater sense of connection to both the inner and outer worlds.. 

I greatly enjoy the physical practice of massage in all its forms, from swedish to deep tissue, pre-natal to hot stone. I am especially drawn to infusing my physical work with awareness and energetic presence. I am a student of herbs and aromatherapy and plan to spend the rest of my life exploring what it means to be alive in a human body and what we can do to enhance our  journey towards healing, wholeness and joy.

About Us: Welcome
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